Naturkonsult DA provides consulting services within fish and wildlife management and nature conservation


       Wildlife management

      Wildlife databases

      Big game management plans

      Estimates of game populations within an area

      Estimated number of hunting licenses in addition to game production


      Fish management

      Electro fishing

      Age determination and growth analyses

      Population estimates

      Management plans for streams and lakes

      Province plans for fish management


      Nature conservation

      Biodiversity registration

      Estimate impacts on the environment due to landscape changes made by humans

      Management and inspections of national parks and nature reserves

      Pollution locate polluted discharges in streams by registration of aquatic invertebrates



Wildlife management


Wildlife management follows national and international regulation. Wild animals and their habitats must be protected in order to preserve their productivity and diversity. Hunting within these frames could be allowed. This requires good knowledge about the population dynamics and population densities.


Naturkonsult makes registrations of habitats and nesting areas for all wildlife species and builds up databases.


Big game management requires good hunting models based on population dynamics. Naturkonsult has experience with different regulation models for deer and moose populations.


Naturkonsult recommends estimates of small game populations within an area by line appraising.


Naturkonsult estimates number of hunting licenses in addition to game densities and game production.



Fish management


Naturkonsult is experienced with electro fishing which is an important method for biologic research in streams and lakes.


Age determination is an essential method to describe population structure. This together with growth analyses makes it possible to estimate production and suggest maximal fish harvest.


Naturkonsult estimates total population, fry population, spawning population or the population of a single cohort.


Cultivation and management plans for streams and lakes follow national regulation. Fish populations and their habitats must be protected in order to preserve their productivity and diversity. Management plan consists of three main parts:


      Biologic part with emphasis to conserve or improve fish resources in streams and lakes

      Suggestions for conventional and recreational use of fish resources

      Economic part includes income from fishing licenses and costs of fish stocking programs, biologic research and management etc.


Province plans for fish managements is a data base of fish species, streams, lakes, management and regulations found within a province. Suggested cultivation and management strategies are included.


Nature conservation


Naturkonsult makes registrations of biodiversity and builds up databases by the use of GIS.


Present nature resources and impacts on the environment should be taken into consideration in landscape management plans which include human made landscape changes.


Management and inspection of national parks and nature reserves could be completed by Naturkonsult.


Polluted discharges in streams could be located from registration of aquatic invertebrates.